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Birdwatching, a term that dosen’t have an appropiate translation in the romanian language, can be defined as the studying of birds by observing them with special equipments (binocular,telescope) or just by looking at them. On the other hand, many bird species can be recognized by their sounds, especially in their mating season or when they are alerted. Altough birdwatchers undertake this activity as a hobby, there is also a social purpose. In other words, birdwatching is a mixture of action and lesiure.

CCiconia Travel offers you the opportunity of exploring and contemplate this amazing place. The Danube Delta is home to over 300 bird species.

The Danube Delta, the largest swamp area in Europe with also the largest reed areas worldwide, is home to over 327 bird species, about 81 % of the Romanian avifauna. This private areas are the place where over 218 species are nesting.

In the Danube Delta Biosphere Reservation there are more then 100 bird colonies. Most of them are mixed, cormorants, eggrets, spoonbills and other live toghether, but there are also separated colonies. Among those, the most famous is the one at Rosca- Buhaiova, the biggest pelican (Pelecanus onocrotalus) colony in Europe.

Colonies are found throughout the Delta, and some of the most populated are those of Uzlina, Crazy, Sacalin-Zatoane Purcelu or those south of the reservation like the Lupilor Grind or Chituc Grind

Many different bird species migrate in the winter time in this region, from Siberia or other distant places, due to the climate in this time of the year. A relevent example is the whooper swan( Cygnus cygnus), but also other various species of ducks and gooses, the most important being the red-breasted goose, about 95% of the global population of this particular species spends the winter in the reservation, especially in the lake areas.

With its lakes, channels, swamps, ponds, the Delta appears to be the perfect place for birdwatching. However, you should have some basic informations before going around, such as the main differences between species, where to find them, what are their habbits. This kind of information can be provided by Eugen Petrescu, one of the most renowed tour guides in birdwatching.

Some of the species you can encounter : white pelicans, dalmatian pelican, spoonbill, great cormorant, cormorant, glossy ibis, little egret, great egret, red heron, yellow heron, night heron, gray heron, grebe high-necked grebe Red Summer goose, swan, roller , red-tailed hawk, merlin evening, eagle, kingfisher, common tern, white cheeked tern, stilt, red rate, black-tailed godwit, red breasted goose

pelican Heron eagle
The Dalmatian Pelican Night Heron  Tailed eagle

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