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Profesor Eugen Petrescu
Renowed for his knowledge of the Danube Delta and continental Dobrogea areas, he also worked for a significant period of time as a profesor in the Danube Delta.

His reputation as one of the most popular tour leaders in birdwatching activities starts to grow from 1990 onwards.

Between 1995 and 2010 he held the conservertion officer position for the Romanian Ornithological Society (Birdlife Romania), showing great dedication in fulfilling his duties. Moreover, during this time he was also involved in an ecological education program held in the schools around the Danube Delta Reservation.

He hosts the National Camp of the Romanian Ornithological Society, which takes place since 1999 in the Danube Delta and its surroundings, a camp which has the mission to expand the knowledge of the ROS members in this field and to inspire them to get involved in protecting the Danube Delta Reservation.

Editor for the official magazine of ROS - About Birds- between 2006-2012.

For the last 15 years he has been in charge of conducting the surveillance and counting actions regarding the red breasted gesse (branta ruficollis) who are known to settle during the the winter period in Dobrogea.

He is a member in the council of the Romanian Ornithological Society- BirdLife Romania, serving as vicepresident.

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