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Delta is one of the largest wetlands in the world - as waterfowl habitat and the largest area of reed beds on the planet and can be considered a living museum of biodiversity, with 30 types of ecosystems, invaluable for the universal natural heritage.

Delta is limited to the south-west by the Dobrogea Plateau, in the north forms the border with Ukraine and flows east into the Black Sea. Delta is crossed by the 45th° parallel north N latitude and the 29th° meridian east.

Delta is considered to be semiarid temperate climate space, the usual climate for pontic steppes. Flat water areas and very large spaces, covered in various degrees of vegetation, interrupted by sand islands, form a active surface typical the for delta and adjacent lagoons, quite different from the Pontic steppe.

Tulcea is the gateway to the Danube Delta. Built on seven hills, this former trade center has now become a major sea and river port, and the most important center of the fishing industry in Romania. The growing interest in the Delta had a major impact on the development of tourism.

Remarkable landmarks of the city include the Museum of Archaeology and History, the Museum of Ethnography and Folklore, and especially the Delta Museum.

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