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Musk rat
Goose neck red

Delta hosts over 3,400 species of vertebrates and invertebrates, many unique on national, European and global scale.

The number and variety of those are depended on the high areas , generally bypassed by water. We can say that because of hte impressive diversity of habitats and life forms present in a relatively small space, Delta can be considered a real musem of biodiversity of natural heritage of invaluable importance. We can encounter otter, mink, muskrat (precious furs), rabbit, wild boar, fox, wolf, ferret wild cat, jackal, raccoon dog. The Sand areas are shelter for tortoises, vipers, snakes colonies.

Delta ornithofauna is made up of more than 300 species of which 70 outside Europe. There are 5 main types:

  • Mediterranean (heron, glossy ibis, cormorant, bald eagle, stilt, pied avocet, tadorna, pelican)
  • Europe (reed bunting, emberizdae,penduline tilt, tailed sea gull, osprey, eagle)
  • Siberian (singing swan,ruff, popular diver, snipe, crane, red breasted goose)
  • Mongolian (eagle, Danubian hawk)
  • Chinese (egret, mute swan, cormorant, mandarin duck).

Birds - Nature monuments
Here we can give the followin examples (and curly pelican, spoonbill, great egret, heron, egret, mute swan, swan , stilt,l, ruddy shelduck, white-tailed eagle, red breasted goose).

There are about 150 known species of which more than 30 in the Delta itself. On The Danube branches these are the most common : starlet, bleak sea sturgeon, sturgeon, carp, catfish, pike, pike, barbel, rapacious. Perch, carp and bream live in calmer waters and various other live in brackish water from pike perch and mullet to the flounder depending on water salinity.
Among the most important fish species in the Delta: sturegons (beluga, sturgeon, sturgeon, starlet), mullets and herrings (Alosa Pontica).

Tailed eagle Enot dog
(marten, badger marsh, badger with a beard)


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