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lily pond
Floating islets

The Danube Delta has a very rich flora that can be divided in three major categories:

  • plants with floating leaves (white water lilly, yellow, grass frog, thistles, fennel pondweed),
  • riparian plants and plaur (reed, rush, water fern, sorrel, water mint, water hemlock) and
  • Land plants (white willow, poplar, alder, ash, mixed woods on the banks).

Vegetation is typical for a wetland (reed, bulrush, sedge, willow blend) and occupies over 70% of the total area.

6% of the area of the a delta is filled with meadows, which are actually forests of willow, ash, alder, poplar. These trees grow on fluvial grinds and they are periodically flooded.

The water ponds are covered by floating and aquatic avegetation: water lily (Nymphea sp., Nuphar), thistle (Trapa natans) pond plants (Potamogeton sp.), Algae (Myriophyllum sp.) Carnivorous plants (Utricularia sp .) and occupy 2% of the delta area.

Floating islets ( reed floating layer 1 to 1.6 m thick, composed of intertwining rhizomes, roots, bound together with humus and silt brought by the Danube and deposited here) occupies an area of about 2000 ha. Are often moved by the wind, plaur can cause difficulties when crossing or access lakes.i.

There are also forests - Letea (2825 ha) and Caraorman (2250 ha), developed in the lower and more wet areas between sandbaks know as "hasmace which made of maple, English oak, ash, aspen, elm, oak, and so on. The Letea forest is renowned for the abundance of climbing plants (Periploca graeca-liana, Hedera helix - ivy, Vitis silvestris - vine, Humulus lupulus - hops, clematis vitalba - forest tendril), that is why it is similar to a subtropical forest . Other rare species are to be found on the sandy soil: sand bindweed (Convolvulus persicus), sand crocus (Merendera sobolifera) and tendril (Ephedra dystachia).

In the southern part of the Caraorman forest impresive oaks can be seen, with girth between 4.20 to 4.70 m

Padurea LETEA

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