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The main goal of the team building activites is to create bonds between pepole and the Danube Delta is the perfect place for such activities to take place. There are plenty of choices in this matter :

  • Fishing contests in which each team is responsible for their own equipment
  • Fish cleaning contests
  • Cooking contests
  • A contest that involves eating hot crabs
  • Swimming contest
  • Survival skills test
  • Photo contest
  • Bird recognition contest

Choosing a touristic route in the Danube Delta depends on the weather conditions and on high water-marks. The boats sail on a regular program from sunshine untill dawn.

1. Suggested itinerary

Tulcea- Lebada- Crisan- Dunarea Veche- Trei Iezere- Bogdaproste Lake- Radacinos Lake- Lung Lake- 23 Mile- Ligheanca and Vacaru- Olguta Channel- Sontea Channel- Fortuna Lake- Baclanesti Mari- Nebunu Lake- Sireasa Lake- 36 Channel- Tulcea

    The group will be divided in two teams and abandoned in the wild. Each team will be provided with a kit composed of two life vests, knife, and plastic recipients. The challenge is to build a saving vessel to transport a representative of the group to the base to request help for saving the remaining members of the team.
    Two teams will go head to head in a challenge that involves creating a typical medieval costume. Each time will have scissors, needles, relevant pictures and other materials. The showcase will be made by the designated models of the group and the leader will present them.
    Two teams (composed of 4 members) will try to capture the best pictures suggested by a coordinator:

    DRUNK FISHERMAN : 50 points
    SWAN: 20 points
    FISH: 15 points
    SHIP: 25 points

    Team to gather the most points will be declared the winner.

    2. Suggested itinerary (Monday- Thursday)

Tulcea – Sulina Branch - Ceatal – Sf Gheorghe Branch - Nufaru - Balteni - Mahmudia - Murighiol- Dunavat - S. Gheorghe - Mare - retur

An ideal program for those who wish to relax. Entertaiment programs will be organized, such as :

  • Survivor challange
  • Lipovenian fashion contest
  • Fishing contest
  • Karaoke and dance contest
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